Nazi Zombie City

Nazi Zombie City
Version: 2 By: Deper63923

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my new custom map, a map quite large and entertaining in a city, I hope you like …..
-bo perks, actualizadas (juggernog,5 golpes) (revive, autorevivirte jugando solo)
-bo guns (armas bo)
-no dogs rounds (sin rondas de perros)
-Five style teleporters
-trajes de zombis y dempsey personalizados
-Boss zombie (jefe zombie)
-Music box (caja de musica)
-Buyable end game (comprable fin del juego)
-Buyable ammo (municion comprable)
-Buyable friendly AI in a police public call box (comprables amigos de artilleria(en una cabina de policia)
-Custom fx power ups (efecto de premios personalizado)
-zombies running from round 1 (zombis corriendo desde la ronda 1)

Basics: Imagine a large detailed city to kill zombies in full of high-rise buildings that you can jump off of just for fun, then multiply that by tons of fire, colors and crazy green birds and you might just think that you mistakenly ate a magic mushroom from the Mario bro’s secret stash.

What we liked: Ok well, this map throws a lot at you visually right from the get go and it probably won’t take you getting into the rooms full of Marijuana to realize that the map maker is a druggie. Crazy colorful walls, flying green birds and fire that doesn’t kill you…yup, I think we’ve all been on that trip. But seriously, this map is pretty freakin’ fun. It’s got custom skinned zombies and drops, a boss zombie, buyable AI support, Black Ops perks, many places to go and things to jump off of, lots of visible destruction and a system of FIVE style teleporters that take you to the 40k buyable ending as well as a Pap machine. Just in case you’ve never jumped off of the roof of a 50 story building and lived, well here’s your chance to live the dream baby!

What we didn’t like: There’s really no easter egg in the map for you to have to follow steps and work toward so once you find the 40k buable ending all that’s left to do is run around and save up for it. Also, there are no custom guns to get and enjoy and I haven’t been a fan of the standard WWII guns in several years now, C’MON guys we’re still using those same freaking guns!?!

Final Word: Even though the map lacks a whole lot to do in order to finish it that shouldn’t stop you from just running around with some friends and seeing how crazy things can get. You won’t have to try very hard to have tons of fun on this map and I think that’s a good sign that the mapper knows what he’s doing and put out an entertaining experience.



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