ILL Manor

ILL Manor
Version: 3.1 By: bodders09

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this is my first map been working on it for about 2 weeks its done but just let me know of any glitch’s in game that i need to work out  :-

ill manors has; custom- gun skins, zombie skins,pap  camo 
                        buy-able ending 
                        all waw and bo1 perks 
                        no dog rounds 
                        main menu loading screen 

thanks goes to; ZK-tut’s and main menu script
                         bamskater33-black ops perk scripts 
                         joeybbb-skin collection 
                         quizz- pack-a-punch skins 
                         cinnober- stair pefab with path nodes 
                         actuallymouse- first beta tester 
                         all perks skins pefabs and script where found on this site with the exception of ZK.



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