Prison Mission

Prison Mission
Version 1.1 By: ZK Studios

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What’s NEW with Prison Mission v1.1?

– Vulture Aid (by offthewall2112, pacman25, and RedSpace200)
   a. waypoints for weapons, box, and Pack-A-Punch (but not perks due to game engine limits)
   b. Ammo/point drops
   c. Green smoke to hide from zombies

– New Weapon: PSG1 sniper

– “Sticky walls” have been fixed (not perfect, but 100x better)

– Easter Egg dialog has been moved to ‘voice’ audio

– Dialog at map start is now accessable through a radio and will not play at game start 

– Zombies will run from you during solo Quick Revive

– Player will recieve a Ray Gun during solo Quick Revive

– Quick Revive machine will not disappear after purchasing 3 times on Co-Op

– Fixed bug when activating the ZK Redspace Challenge during a round change would glitch the round number

– All radios can be accessed by knifing only

– Reload speeds have been changed for some weapons

– Ammo and damage levels have been changed for some weapons

– Fixed bugs with the hidden song

– Fixed bug where the Cheese Cube wouldn’t work after throwing a grenade at it

– Fixed minor Easter Egg bugs

– Other minor improvements

Make sure you delete the old version of Prison Mission. It can be found here:

Then install the latest

Hey guys, Prison Mission is complete and ready for you to enjoy! Discover the wide variety of content this map has to offer while shooting the living daylights outta hordes of zombies!

Story: This map continues the zombies story prior to “Buried”. All events at “Buried” have not existed.

Before playing: Make sure you have “Specular Maps” set On in the Graphics settings. Most textures will look like garbage otherwise

Features: (I will not mention all of them, but I will list some key aspects of the map)

     – Black Ops II 2-sided step-by-step easter egg w/ audio dialog instructions

     – Origins styled interactable puzzles

     – 2 custom playable characters (full audio dialog and player models, replacing Dempsey and Richtofen)
          a. Player 1 is ZK
          b. Player 2 is Samantha
          c. Player 3 is Takeo
          d. Player 4 is Nikolai

     – 45 custom weapons
           a. Black Ops II weapons — M27, Death Machine, Duel-wield Kap-40, HAMR, M8A1, 
                                    Chicago Typewriter, PDW, Peacekeeper, Scar-H, An-94
                                    Ray Gun MK2, and more
           b. Black Ops weapons — ASP, Spas-12, CZ75, Dragunov, Enfield, Famas, FnFal, Galil, Commando, 
                                 HK-21, HS10, Stakeout, KS23, M14, M16, Mac11, MP5k, MPL,  
                                 Skorpion, AK-74u, AK-47, Stoner, Uzi, and more
           c. Modern Warfare 3 weapons — PPOM1 and no more

           d. World at War weapons — PPsh-41, Thompson, Ray Gun, 357 Magnum, Cheese Gun, Bowie knife

           e. Not from Call of Duty weapons — AEK-71

           f. All weapons have custom Pack-A-Punch camos, names, and some have attachments

   – 14 perks
        a. 4 WaW perks, 4 BO perks, Dr Dagger, Double-Dew, and Electric Cherry

        b. Generic perks are being introduced. Don’t wanna spend $2500 on Jugg? No problem! 
            Get Jugger-Fuel, only $1500. But don’t be suprised if you get downed in less hits…

        c. Dr Dagger and Double-Dew have custom jingles playing from their machine

     – Changing maze beneath the map

     – Tons of interactive/objective humorous easter eggs w/ custom audio throughout the map

Of course there are a ton of things that I am not going to mention because it would ruin the playing experience.

Special thanks to:
Tom-BMX (end_game function)
Mr Hankey(zombie counter)
TheMightyDude(3-trigger function)
Bamskater33(BO perks)
ConvictioNDR (enhanced Double-Tap function)
JR-Imagine(fixed Mule-Kick)
RedSpace200(random scripting help, rounds function, Raygun MK2)
Pacman25 and offthewall2112 (AN-94, Electric Cherry, Iron Man model help)
HexZombies(generic perk shaders/machines, random shaders, Double-Dew machine)
Stuffed_Oatmeal and echo000 (M27, Death Machine, Duel-wield Kap-40, HAMR, M8A1, Chicago Typewriter, PDW, Peacekeeper, Scar-H)
BioAftermath(Shaders for Jugg, Speedcola, Doubletap, Revive, Deadshot, Mule-kick, PHD, Staminup)
bigedude33 (A few hilarious songs) —

If I missed anyone please PM me, I’ll update the description

Da Beta Testers:
Victor Ferrari



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