Zombie Sumpf

Zombie Sumpf
Version 3.0 Final By: xJimmy33

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Map Features:

— Main Easter-Egg with a new Wunderwaffe as reward and also a little surprise

— Japanese Zombies

— No Dogs

— Blur effect at spawn

— New weapons: Origins: MP40, STG44, Mauser;; / New Wunderwaffe;; / Ray-Gun Mark II;; / Shovel

— Changed weapon FOV for a better weapon-feeling!

— Changed FOV

— Changed viewhands

— Meleetime increased

— You run faster with upgraded weapons!

— BossZombies, after EE!

— Solo random character

— A Zipline

— The Flogger-trap

— 4 Regular Perks;; SpeedCola, Jugger-Nog, QuickRevive, DoubleTap

— Normal detail with a nice green fog ;D

— Pack a Punch

— Mauser C96 as startpistol

— The Panzersoldat with custom animations and also scripts by BluntStuffy!


— Some HUD-changes

— An Ending

— A “PARTY-ROUND” between round 25 and 30! ;D

— And more i forgot..


BluntStuffy –> Scripter of most things in the map! Also the Wunderwaffe, MOTD-box, Mauser and the Panzersoldat-animations and scripts!

YaPh1l –> For scripting support and also for some questions! + Changed the MK2 impact & Blur effect at spawn

TheKillery –> PaP-Camo from the Mark II and Boomhilda

NaziZombiesHD & Steviewonder87 –> Mauser / Boomhilda models

Henkownd –> Panzersoldat-models

Elfenlied & Rollonmath –> Mark II animations 

Tito –> Origins STG44, MOTD and Buried zombie models!

Bookable –> Zipline & Flogger script / tutorial

DeadraDescent –> MP weapon files

UGX-Team –> easy-fx

UGX-Forum –> General help

ZM-Forum –> General help

TOM_BMX –> Tools and the shovel!

RadimaX -> Added new area near Speed-Cola

Darkrapture -> multiple box-script

BamSkater33 & JR-Imagine -> Fixed Mule-Kick

BamSkater33 / jei9363 –> Solo revive & random characters

javipotter -> Blundergat anims

Not there? Please ask..


– Added Shi-No-Numa zombie animations

– Added new mystery-box (avaiable after easter-egg, WW also in the box after EE)

– Fixed some bugs with the mech + added taunt animation

– Fixed Quick-Revive hintstring + price (disappear after 3 buy in solo)

– Make the doors a waaay cheaper

– Fixed some “Clip bugs” where the player can jump out of map

– Added a new area (made by RadimaX :) )

– Added Mule-Kick (the working version ;)

– Wunderwaffe improved!

– Mystery-box has now 2 spots (haha)

– Added official anims for the MK2

– Overall perfection in some more stuff!

– Added ambient sounds!

– Added new weapons (!):
         – DP28
         – Springfield
         – SVT40
         – Blundergat (no acid gat, but with shock-ammo! 8) )
         – Minigun

-The Mech crashing the game should be fixed, and some small adjustments to the mech have been made.
-Also some people might like to hear WW’s have some more effect on the mech again, and there are a few 
true Boss-killers in there btw..
-Also the gate to the special box is now active from the moment the soul-chest at PaP is completed, instead
of after the 3 mechs have been killed..

Hope these small changes balance things out a bit more!
Good Luck ;)


BluntStuffy and xJimmy33 out!  8)




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