Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy's
By: playingtowin89

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Hello everyone

This map is based off the popular 2d click game of the same name.

This map features UGX Mod v1.0.4! 

– UGX Mod v1.0.4
– UGX Viewhands fix
– Soul chest (doesnt look normal!)
– Buyable ending (30,000)
– Nights pass from 1 to 5, can’t end game until night 5
– custom zombie models mixed with regular zombie models
– triggerable jumpscares (if you dont like being suprised then this should appeal to you more)
– secret sound EE in starting room for FN@F fans

– You need to find all three jumpscares and turn on the power before you can turn on the soul ches.
– You will hear a sound when the soul chest is done, and souls will stop flying to it
– You can’t escape until night 5

– freddy character model obj files from deadmanwalking289 on (unrigged)
– textures from steam workshop community
– some mapping and all scripts by me
– rest of the mapping by my friend. he isn’t on this site yet but his name is dudeofthehour.
– UGX for the mod (awesome!)



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