Civil Nativity

Civil Nativity
Version: 1.1 By: SirJammy & Lukkie1998

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I have recently seen the UGX map contest and decided to temporarily put Celtic Ruins mapping on hold and attempt something out of my comfort zone, although scripting is still being continued. The information on this map is in very early stages and will get progressively more in-depth as time goes on. (Subject to change) – The basic scene of the map is a city called “Ripon” in England, has been engulfed by a paralysing blizzard 3 days before Christmas day, The city went unacknowledged for 2 days while people took no notice and thought the community were taking care of it, that was until a few men found themselves walking in a city rendered “dead”. Without a voice to be heard they wondered deeper into the city,all the time the smell of rotting flesh lingering in the freezing air. At this point you control the Man / men. 

Credits to:

  • UGX-Mods (UGX-Mod V1.0.4)
  • DualVII (Rotating Door script + Prefabs)
  • Jei9363 (Buried Style Zone Activation Tutorial + Script)
  • Bluntstuffy (Soulchests)
  • Shippuden1592 (Tranzit Zombies)
  • MakeCents + thezombiekilla9 (Zombie Counter + Tutorial)
  • Hitmanvere + Ege115 (Pap Camo + Scripting help)
  • Benn Down (Music)
  • Message me if I forgot to add you!

Alpha/Beta Testers:

  • P0tZ
  • TheScotchGuy
  • Ege115
  • Hex Reapers
  • MAK911
  • Message me if I forgot to add you!

If you find any bugs in the map, please reply to this thread! Make sure to add a screenshot to your post!!! We would love to hear your comments and ideas too!

Bugs list:

  • Quick revive not going away when downed in singleplayer (Fixed!)
  • perk shader moves back to the left when player gets downed (Fixed!)
  • Zombies not going away when player is in laststand in singleplayer (Fixed! (Alternative fix found))
  • Game crashing when grabbing the turret powerup in arcademode (Fixed!)
  • Added M14 back to Gungame (Fixed!)
  • Some minor mapping bugs (Fixed!)
  • Game crashing when killing zombie with German Machine (Fixed!)
  • Takes your gun when shooting last snowman with M14 masterkey/Grenade Launcher (Fixed!)




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