London – Tower Bridge

London - Tower Bridge
Version: Beta By: josh1600

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Here we are at london today, a specialist group of soldiers dropped off at the waypoint. We have heard a distress call coming from somewhere over the thames. Make your way to the survivors and save the day.
Find some guns and get over the bridge.
This is a replica of the real london tower bridge and includes some interesting uses of the real life area.


  • Interesting Weapon Placements
  • Real geographical proportions and alignments
  • Get yo Perks! the standard perks included + Packa (may include bo perks at a later stage)
  • ported guns
  • custom guns
  • Jukebox
  • Custom Scripts
  • Traps
  • Custom HUD
  • Custom Zombie Counter
  • Custom Sound Fx
  • Custom Easter Eggs

le crumpet pistole

BETA now out!

load the mod= nazi_zombie_uk


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