Christmas Delivery

Christmas Delivery
By: Ray1235

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Sometimes when you load the map in coop it will loadf Semper Fi.  To fix get everyone to exit WAW and restart.  Load mod and go into your coop lobby and don't go back to the Menu.

– Some weapons in UGX Mod replaced
– Custom viewhands
– UGX Mod 1.0.4 (with never seen before stuff!)
Things never seen before in UGX Mod maps:
     – Class system (all abilities and perks of a class are lost upon death on COOP; last stand doesn’t count for it)
     – 99% replica of the new CoD walking (also has jumping)
     – Ghosts sliding
– Custom trap
– BO2 characters
– Toggleable Zombie Counter (I hate forced zombie counters, but whateva)
And here are some features that makes the map feel more like BO2 and typical players may or may not understand what is it:
– BO2 Melee exert sounds
– BO2 Melee animations for all guns
– BO2 Knife model

BluntStuffy – soul boxes
Tom_Bmx – Lime
UGX Team – UGX Mod
BraXi – some motivation :D
shippuden – Tranzit zombies



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