Zombie Angst

Zombie Angst
By: xJimmy33

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please read:

this map was pretty “random” created in one night.
i enjoyed the last time pretty much cool old maps with basic stuff, so i was bored and did also a “basic map”.
sorry for all who want cool custom guns and new textures. :D
also, i dont want to add some more stuff to it, no custom stuff, no detail.. live with that, lol


– stock setup (perks, guns)

– pretty small map

– custom gun sounds

– custom vision

– custom viewhands

– no “adszoom” for a better weapon feeling :D

– rounds-survive endgame

– creepy zombies :)

– verrückt runner’s

– jugg & tesla fixed (tesla dont zap jugg away)

– yea, it dont really has features i know.. lol


– BluntStuffy (zombie models, general help)

– YaPh1l (zombie eye’s, tesla fix)

– TOM_BMX (endgame function)

– UGX-forum (basic stuff)

– Jake (ascension power vision)

– JR-Imagine (SPZ)

– helped and not there? just ask..

please dont “hate” on this map, if you dont like it, dont play it.
this is for those who likes challenges and an hectic gameplay :D

known bug’s:

– the zombs sometimes derping for an half second, i dont know whats wrong.. pathnodes set correct and all are connected. this can happen everywhere so yea, hmhm..



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