The Crazy Place

The Crazy Place
Version: 1.0 By: GearZ469

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 Map created by – Gear2469, Dr. Ludvig Maxis, and Methegamer333

– Easter Egg
– Custom Zombie Models(NukeTown)
– Custom weapon skins
– Some BO2 Weapons
– Buyable Ending
– Double Dew 2.2
– Some WaW Weapons
– The MW2 Weapons(8 out of 56 weapons in map) DO NOT aim :( Will be hopefully fixed in a later update
– BO1 Weapons
– All New Psycho-Punch
– No perk limit 
– Zombie Counter
– MW2 Weapons(Don’t Aim)
– 9 Perks(WaW perks, BO1 perks, and one custom perk)
– Every Psycho-punched gun has a different camo(Try Them All!!)


Trapped in your mind and having no idea what is going on, you find yourself exploring a seemingly never ending Paradox. Are you really just high? Or is there more of a message to your madness? No matter what this place is about to be your worst nightmare…


If you find any game-breaking things in this map please report them ASAP, so that we can fix it quickly, so that other players can enjoy the map And remember.. Epilepsy is a thing!! play at own risk


Zombie madness aka rorke
Tom BMX: Amazing Tools
Activision&Treyarch: Original Anims, original Models and sounds
Rollonmath42&elfenliedtopfan5: Maya exporting/importing Tutorials
ZK’s Tutorials – For weapon camos help
thezombiekilla6 + MakeCents: Zombie Counter
Metroman260: Nuketown zombie models
If we forgot to mention you for helping in developing the map, then let me know ASAP so i can fix that :)

V1.0 Fixes:
-Drops no longer spawning outside the map
-In red room, you can no longer jump out of the map from the windows
-Wallbuy for MP5k no longer says mp5
-Box’s lid does not through wall when bought
-Hint strings fixed(except the three machines)
-You can no longer jump on top of the table in ice room, which was causing zombies to glitch
-No More floating brick models in control room
-Hintstrings for machines do update(except 3 of them)
-There is now kick in AKTZ47

Videos – 
If you record yourself or you and others playing and post it on YouTube, Then please send me the link though any of these contact choices… You don’t have to, but it makes me so happy when i see people playing my map. :)

Contact Options
-Tweet me @GearZ469
-DM me on UGX
-Post in comments below
-Email me at [email protected]




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