Hotel Version 2

Hotel Version 2
By: HitmanVere Version: 2.1

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This is a modern remake of the classic custom zombie map Hotel. The zombies flood in from the basement and you must hold them back as you make your way floor by floor to the roof where you make your stand against the undead
 -Brief explanation from Tomikaze

Map was made for Zommods. Its one of those maps, that you can just sit back and relax on, since its not too hard and just for killing zombies and seeing how high can you go and to test, if you can survive on crazy rounds like 40, 100 and so much further

 -8 perks
 -Custom weaponry, only few stock weapons
 -Buildable, buyable ending
 -Upgradable C4
 -Roundskip Button
 -Unlockable Wunderwaffe wallbuy

 -People at FS (For 90% of stuff in map)
 -People at CFG (Weapons)
 -Tomikaze (Ideas for map)
 -Original Map Creator (For map to base remake on)
 -Javipotter (Textures)
 -Johndoe (Textures/Models)
 -DidUknowiPwn (Weapons)
 -Elfenliedtopfan5 (Weapons)
 -Rollonmath42 (Weapons)
 -Offthewall (Muzzleflash script)
 -treminaor (DT 2.0 script)
 -shippuden1592 (Zombie Models)



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