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LSD is a map I made in about 5 days out of nowhere. It’s not meant to be scary or spooky. This is the kind of map where you can play with friends and have some laughs.

When I first started making this I wasn’t aiming for this map to be everyone’s favorite map, I was aiming for “I’m going to have fun making this and we’ll see what comes out of it.”

This is only my 4th map I’ve ever made. Only the 2nd I’ve released. So, don’t expect too much.

No Dogs
Boss Rounds
Buyable Ending
Black Ops Revive
Ported Weapons
Custom Skins
Custom Models
Custom Announcer
Custom Menu
Custom Crosshair
Custom Scripts
Custom FX
Easter Egg Weapon
Super Secret Room
Highly Modified Weapons
Custom Sounds Throughout The Map

ZOMB1E-KLLR – Tutorials
Bamskater – Black Ops Perks
Niknokinater – Custom Announcer Tutorial
baseball4ev – Pickup Weapons Tutorial
Tom_BMX – Everything Ever
Paragalor – Boss Tutorial
zombie_madness – Ported Guns
And anyone else I may have missed! I used the ZM User Tutorial section A LOT. So thank you!



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