Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon
By: Glitchelodeon

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1. Added reflection probes to remove the annoying redness.
2. Changed the Falcon teleporter to prevent zombies from glitching.
Thanks for you comments and input. It really helps make the map better! But, If you find something wrong, send me a PM instead of a comment. Keep in mind this is my second map so go easy on me. Thanks!

After a long 9 months, this Star Wars themed map is finally done! Just to be clear, We are not the best mappers or scripters out there, so don’t expect any heavy modding or things of that nature. Just have fun! Before we get into what the map features, here is a list of the amazing users who helped make this map possible!

SevenGPLuke (Worldspawn, Stormtrooper playermodles, general help)
Niknokinater (Custom Announcer)
Toby1423 (Moon Teleporters)
JBird (General Help)
ADDICTED (Mission Screen, CO-OP Loadscreen)
Rvex (Skybox and Custom Sound help)
xSanchez78 (Round activated door)
Tom_BMX (Buyable ending)
Zomb1e Kllr (Video Tutorials)
Special thanks to Death_reaper0 and Earth for reminding me to add in reflection probes! Annoying redness is now gone!

Map Features:
4 Original Perks
No Heavy Modding
No Dogs
95% of the Millennium Falcon
Death Star Prison Cell Hallway
Stormtrooper Player Models
Moon Style Teleporters
Buyable Ending
Zombie Counter
Custom Announcer
Custom Geometry
Custom Textures
Custom loadscreen/mission screen
Buyable Power Ups
Sliding Doors
Menu Start buttons

1. Don’t step on the teleporter unless you are teleporting (walk around it for example). If you step on it and activate it too many times in a short amount of time, the game will crash. So just give it a good minute to cool down. Plan with your friends when you are going to use the teleporter so nobody is left behind that has to use it again right after it was already used. (sorry about this :P)
2. Stormtrooper playermodels are only visible in co-op games (no Stormtrooper viewhands)
3. Right when you spawn, you will have no weapon, so hit “y” or use the scroll wheel on your mouse to bring up your pistol.
Once again, thank you so much to the people credited above and the community! I was really happy with the way this map turned out and it couldn’t have been done without all of you! Now go and play the map! May the force be with you!



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