Abandoned School

Abandoned School
Version: 1.02 By: JBird632

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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

Abandoned School Patch 1.01:
– Prevented players from buying perks while they have the death machine powerup
– Mule Kick now removes 3rd gun on loss of the perk
– Door dropping down into hallway zone doesn’t skip rounds anymore
– Replaced double trigger door with a zombie traversal to prevent zombies from glitching
– Added Thompson, FMG, and Spas12 to Gungame
– Aligned Thompson’s ads – though the gun’s bullet shoots slightly lower than the iron sight
– Quickrevive machine completely disappears after 3 uses on solo
– Nerfed the Jetgun and Zomnado
– Packapunched wall weapons can now have ammo purchased normally
– Host should be able to use the mystery box now on a coop match
– Hintstrings can’t be seen through walls now
– Fixed some bushes that were see through

Abandoned School Patch 1.02
– Various easter egg bugs/issues fixed
– Hud added when player is holding an item
– Items now drop properly when the player is downed, killed or disconnected from the game
– Effect is now played on items that the player dropped to make them easy to find
– Fixed Crossbow, Titus and Semtex breaking the box and having a revive symbol
– Removed Feet from door shoulder anim
– Semtex ammo is fixed
– Reduced damage the scrake takes from electric cherry
– Teleporter Cool down changed from round based to time based (120 second cooldown)

Awesome Pieman – boss zombie, and general scripting help
Treminaor – menu and general scripting help
RadimaX – RadixhaX mirrors and RadihaX temple
Tom_BMX – lime, lemon and timed gameplay
Bluntstuffy – Raygun Mk2 effects

Beta Testers:
Awesome Pieman

What is the most locally available building in your neighborhood that has lots of supplies to barricade yourself in? A school of course!
Players will find themselves locked in a school that they thought would be secure… boy were they wrong.


Easter Egg

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