The Abandoned Mine

The Abandoned Mine
By: gamer9294

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The Abandoned Mine


This is a contest map [W.I.P.]

the map will be playable in a mine tunnel, with few rooms, mine carts,  and off course tunnels :D

There is a very large mineshaft, where the last few people were searching for something hidden deep down it. But on a particular moment, a part of the mineshaft collapsed, forcing them way deeper down the tunnel. After that, the survivors were stuck in the deepest mineshaft of them all. Now they have to find a way out to survive, but they figured out they weren’t the only ones down there.

   – Weapons:
   Will origin from many COD games, which ones are undecided
   – No dogs/hell hounds
   – New intro(with the elevator)
   – new endgame + extra
   – different easter eggs (some are easy to find, some a little bit harder)
   – buildable
   – Riding minecart with perks
   – fx’s (some fx’s with sounds)
   – custom sounds (example: when the round start, custom sounds on guns, etc. )
   – Oxygen masks
   – objectives
   – mission (escaping from the mine tunnel off course :D )
   – and more…   
   map size    : small/medium

   – When you play The Abandoned Mine and you have seen the Intro about the elevator then when the rounds begins,
     then go to the room where Quick Revive perk machine are, there is a Oxygen Mask that you can pickup and use it to stay alive :D
   – There are different Easter eggs (how they need to be used) some triggers has only handicon or some triggers has only information etc.
     example: you can pickup a key in a keybox, you will see a handicon on it and then you can take it.

   – There are some secret things in the map that you can find out :)
Known Issues:
   I have not had enough time to solve problems and some problems were difficult or impossible to solve.
   – if you throw a Monkeybomb into the water (most time in deep water) then the monkeybombs doesn’t anymore… (if you get the molotov and then Monkeybombs again 50% it should working again. )
        – Quick Revive already on by co-op
        – sometimes are hintstrings flashing


* Bluntstuffy
* Marsvinking
* WhiteDevilHD
* Weezy428
* Mr. HankeY
* Sanya
* Tito
* HitmanVere
* DualVII
* YaPhil
* Bamskater33
* xSanchez78
* quizz
if I forget someone then send me a PM.



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