City of Hell

City of Hell
By: gamer9294

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* TURN OFF THE  SPECULAR MAP  OPTION.     go to options and controls >  graphics  >  specular map   to > No
why ?   because if you have it on the map will look like to much shinny and other things will ook bad,  it was happends when I use the ignore.csv file because to many images (error: exceeded of 2400 image asset)  but that is solved and you will only need to do that with the specular map.

* this is the last version that I will upload because my computer is crashed and you guys got lucky that I have already finished the map and I’m not lost the files :D

* there are some little bugs over there but I can’t fix that because my modtools didn’t work anymore.

* I have fixed a large bug that I have found :)

that is also the point why I’m reinstalling my computer again :)

I hope you enjoy my map and have fun with it :)  8)


After the Black day, the City has for a while no power.  It is 10 years later where 4 survivors sleeping into a hotel and when they wake up because a strange sound outside.  but now the 4 survivors need to stay alive and survive from the undead zombies.


* Traps:
– Spike trap
– Biohazard trap
– laser trap
– blade knife trap

* easter eggs:[/size]
– Shootable teddybear
– radios
– lights

* perks:
– Juggernog
– Speed
– Doubletap
– Quick Revive v2 (version: 2 longer bleed out time:  60 second with quick revive, without quick revive 30 seconds and normal maps it is 15 seconds without quick revive)
– Stamin-up
– Deadshot
– PHD-Flopper
– Mule kick
– Electric Cherry
– Tombstone
–Custom Perks–
– Stopping Power
– Discount Sales
– Perk Doubler
– Speed Shoes
– Killstreaker
– Payback RIP (when you died and you are in spectator you can purchase yourself back in game)

* Killstreaks
* a moving train 
* End game (buildable version + extra) 
* Objectives
* Bio zombies (from advanced warfare)
* military zombies (has more health then the normal zombies)
* new perk shaders
* Guard Tower
* Surviving rounds to open door
* Pack A Punch
* new wall weapon style
* buildables
* no dogs (hell hounds)

* Bluntstuffy
* JR-Imagine
* bwc66930
* codmoddd1234
* T3rm1nat0r94 (a friend)
* Classifiedd (a friend)
* Marsvinking
* Tom_Bmx
* MrHankey91
* bamskater33
* YaPh1l
* alaurenc9
* DidUknowiPwn
* MakeCents
* DeekCiti



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