The Fortress

The Fortress
By: Soy-Yo Version: 1.1.1

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Hello everyone. I’m a new Spanish mapper and this is my first map.

The game takes place inside a fortress or a castle. You are a/some tourist that were visiting it until you heard a very loud noise, like something big falling down and then people shouting and running everywhere. And when you finally reach the main door you realise that it is blocked. Now you have to survive there fighting against the zombies and you have to find some way to escape.

I think this map is a bit hard (at least for me, I’m very bad at zombies), as there aren’t many big areas. And this is my first map so don’t expect any masterpiece.

I hope you enjoy it! :)


  • All WaW Perks
    • 5-hit Jugger-Nog
    • Solo Revive (500 points)
    • Double Tap 2.0
  • All BO Perks
  • Electric Cherry
  • Custom Main Menu
  • Buyable Perk Slots
  • Two Mini-Easter Eggs
  • Custom PaP Camo
  • Some Custom Textures
  • Buyable Ending
  • No PaP knuckles animation because of a bug
  • I tried to add BO or BO2 weapons but it’s been impossible for me :(

    Update changes

  • v1.1
    • Bugs fixed
    • A bit more light (the map continues being dark)
    • Buyable ending is cheaper
    • Speed Cola zone is bigger
    • Removed PPsh from wall (sorry, but Tiyoushi was right)
    • Deadshot Daiquiri costs now 1500 and some doors are cheaper
    • Removed residual files that weren’t being used
    • Nuke gives 800 and carpenter 400 with x2
    • And I’m sure I’m must have forgotten some things
    • (v1.1.1) The map isn’t dark any more! [thanks to HitmanVere]
    • (v1.1.1) Added details [thanks to HitmanVere]
    • (v1.1.1) Other bugs dixed [thanks to HitmanVere]

Thanks To

  • pcmodder -> Helping me with some stuff
  • Harry Bo21 -> Helping me with some stuff
  • AlecKeaneDUB -> Buyable perk slots tutorial
  • jei9363 -> I think I used his perks pack
  • alzan12 (ZombieModding) -> End Game Tutorial
  • ADDICTED (ZombieModding) -> Screens


  • greeniezk5 -> Testing the update
  • HitmanVere -> Detailing the map for v1.1.1

If I’ve forgotten someone, please let me know and I’ll add you.
And please tell me if you find any bug, so I can fix it.




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