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this is just a quick map i created over a long weekend

there is no story line but it is set in Beijing China

20 perks (new one added in v1.1)
MOTD zombies
custom power-ups
teddy bear song
no dogs
buyable ending
solo quick revive
double tap 2.0
der wunderfizz
imported weapons (papable but without camo or lasers)
zombie counter
custom perks appear in the wunderfizz
origins styled perk bottle drops
8 perk limit to start
no power switch (power already on)

1.1 update
new perk!
easter egg
electric cherry gives points
new wall weapons
thundergun and scavenger
fixed constant freezing in solo
better guardian angel ale

custom perks and their effects:
deep impact – increased knife damage
flash cola – double running speed
point crusher – double points on the kill
discount soda – 25% of everything (need original price)
no bear brew – no bear from box for that player
blood bullets – regenerating bullets
repairman rum – instantly repair barriers
power-down punch – power-up effects when downed
guardian angel ale – 5 seconds of god mode when hit by zombie (icon inverts when in use, black and white when cooling down)
point palosa – multiplies points on when damaging zombies

how to unlock pap:

1. shoot the pink light in the other building (this will open a new perk)
2. find all 6 parts
3. look for the monkey and offer to it
4. a new door will open reveling a hidden room with the pap and buyable ending

credits: (all stated also in map opening credits)

bamskater33 for bo1&2 perks as well as MOTD zombies
Zombie madness aka rorke for the gun imports
WARDOGSK93 for the increasing perk limit
ZOMB1E-KLLR aka ZK for his map making tutorials



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