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*Before going into detail, I first want to say this is my first map. Mods aren’t heavy besides a few added extras and of course the UGX Mod 1.0. 

– 4 Original Perks (Edited Quick Revive, the cost increases 250 the next 2 times you use it)
– Jogging / Running zombies from the start (Start zone is open enough to run around)
– 0 start points
– 1000 point random box
– Lowered Wall Weapon Prices and Ammo (M9, Winchester, AK-74U)
– Easter Egg type steps to unlock a 3000 point Pack a Punch 
– 0 Spawn Delay between zombies 
– Longer round switch time to cope with the upgraded difficulty
– Custom Trap
– Auto Turrets

A little about the map:

I’m fairly new to the zombies community in regards to actually creating maps. I wanted to make a map I had an idea for back in 8th grade. The maps overall layout is not great, and the style isn’t too awesome, but I wanted my idea to come to life. The map is not very big, I’d say overall a medium sized map. There is some detail but for the most part has an upped difficulty which requires more run room. Either way, I hope you all enjoy this map, and even if it sucks, thank you for playing it. I did try my best to recreate my old idea. Also keep in mind, my next maps are gonna have a much better layout and detailing in them. Like I said, this was just an old idea that I wanted to come to life. 

Easter Egg Hint Steps:
Infection Easter Egg (Opening the Pack a Punch)

Step 1: Bring life to the abandon air base 

Step 2: Inspect areas which are empty 

Step 3: Unlock the path 

Step 4: Open the gate 

Step 5: Activate the switches 

Step 6: Pack a Punch 

-The whole UGX Team (UGX Mod 1.0, the upcoming 1.1 version, and tutorial and Wiki info)
-MakeCents (The custom trap)
-HarryBo21 (For all the help)
-Tom BMX (Auto Turrets)
-PCModder (Help with the zombie spawn delay)



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