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This feels like more than just a dream…  :gusta: 
Map is huge
– 11 Perks (No Who’s Who)
– 6 Perk Limit
– Wunderfizz
– Buyable ending [Cost: 50000] *and/or* the god of Ray Guns [Cost: 30000]
– Wall Weapons for dayz
– All Custom Weapons
– A decent enough challenge
– Increased number of zombies per round
– Increased zombie spawn rate
– You get less points from killing  :troll: 
– Soul Chests
– Verruckt Sprinters (Not all)
– Changing theme throughout the map
– Solo Scoreboard

– + More that I forget

**There is no easter egg as of now, I am planning on adding one large and many small ones in later when I have more time and have dealt with the release of Black Ops 3. You might notice that some doors don’t open, they will in conjunction with the EE. I plan on updating this map on the coming weeks maybe even sooner.


-Harry Bo21 (Awesome Perks)
-TheRelaxingEnd (Video)
-BluntStuffy (Soul Chests)
-HitmanVere (PaP Camo’s/ Scripting)
-Toasty Roasty (Testing)
-JR-Imagine (Hud)
-thezombieproject (Scripting)
-SajeOne (Buyable Ending)
-InFInIX (Glowing eyes)
-If I missed you please tell me!

*Please post any bugs you find*



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