iPlay Undead Amusement Park

iPlay Undead Amusement Park
Version T4M 2.0.0 & NonT4M 2.5.0 By: Psh

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-All weapons have been changed.
-Reduced the chance of a boss spawning by a lot.
-Reduced the number of targets for endgame from 15 to 5.
-Reduced the number of targets for PAP from 5 to 3.
-Scobalula’s Max Ammo script that refills the clip.
*Targets have not been moved*
-Added a new Nightmare difficulty setting.
     -Probably harder than Octagon.
     -Increases the spawn rate.
     -Zombies become sprinters much faster.
     -Eventually they become tranzit sprinters.
-Few bugs (I’ll fix them eventually :please:)
     -Song bears don’t make sound.
     -2 Walls weapons are untextured white, oh well.
     -*Report any other bugs plz*

– Harry’s Perks (No Who’s Who)
– High Caliber Weapons fire explosive rounds
– Buyable ending [Cost: 60000]
– Many new areas
– Almost all areas have almost been changed
– Hard Map
– No Dogs
– Many ported models
– No grabbing zombies
– Teddy Bear Song
– The PAP room is no longer Target restricted
– Decent number of walls weapons
– Weapons from almost every CoD and a whole lot of them (exceeded the normal limit) 
– Target hunt (Of course it’s back)
– Hunchback boss zombies (The model is broken but I found it so funny that I kept it)
– There should be an 8 perk limit, but I actually think there is none so enjoy that  :please:


Shootable Easter Egg

*This is not true anymore*
You better believe the targets are back. This time around though there are only 15 targets scattered around the map (None of these 15 targets are in the PAP room and you only need these to open the buyable ending). In addition, there is another 5 in the PAP room to be able to actually PAP. The 5 targets needed for PAP are only inside the room it’s in! At Least this time I don’t feel like any of the targets are impossible, though I do think you’ll still need to do some searching.

-Tom bmx
-Harry Bo21
-If I missed you please tell me!



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