Doom E1M2 Nuclear Plant

Doom E1M2 Nuclear Plant
By: dextro62

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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

You are the legendary doomguy, hells’ demons are defeated, your job is done and you have triumphed over hell itself……but what’s this. Zombies? No one said anything about zombies. But hey, Demons? Zombies? What’s the difference? You pick up your weapon’s and get ready for the horde.

This map will require T4M 

The map is called test2 when you install it.
To play the map solo you have to open console and type “map test2”

Harry Bo21’s perks
Natesmithzombies weapons
Shootable door (you’ll need to remember this)
Music box with doom music
Buyable ending
No Dogs
Doom textures
Custom start and end round music

Harry Bo21-perks and help with various problems
natesmithzombies – weapons and help with various problems
TomBMX – buyable ending, music box
ZK- tutorials, shootable door
thezombiekilla6- fixed a problem with zk’s shootable door script
ADDICTED – Co-op loadscreen and mission screen
MJPWGaming – Custom start and end round musicThe members of UGX-mods for all their help fixing things I was stuck with.
 I’ve forgotten anyone please tell me and I’ll add your name.

Beta testers:


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