Vindicta Diaboli

Vindicta Diaboli
Version: 1.1 By: Megadeth9811

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Trapped in the realm of Satan, you must endure his wrath!!!

Vindicta Diaboli (Vengeance Of The Devil)

This is a hell-themed zombies map that is  the successor to Necro Forest with harrybo21’s perks and a buyable ending.

Features include:

-Hell-ish theme
-Harrybo21’s perks (Each player can carry 6 perks)
-Buyable ending
-Weapons (non-elemental) improved from Necro Forest along with a couple new ones:
     -Colt M1911
     -.44 Magnum
     -Skorpion EVO
     -Chicom CQB
     -Remington 870MCS
     -Ray Gun
     -Ray Gun Mark II
-Der Riese teleporter system
-Easter Egg Song: Hold F on all 3 teddy bears hidden in the map to activate the hidden song!

-Known Issues:
 -There are no teleporter effects (I had to exlude them to avoid the 400fx limit)
-Sometimes the mystery box light will disappear.

-Megadeth9811 (Me): Mapping
-Harrybo21: Black Ops Perks
-BluntStuffy: Raygun Mk2 FX

I will do my best to update this map, but for now, here is the initial release:



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