Clinic of Evil

Clinic of Evil
Version 05/11/2018 By: IZaRTaX

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Clinic of Evil (Original idea based on a real urban exploration)

In the summer of 2015 I went in an urbex with a lot of friends. So I thought why not make a map like this based on a sanatorium.

This map has many features:

   – Mob of the Dead Style environment
   – Variety of weapons (BO2, AW, Custom)
   – Gondola
   – Acid Gat
   – Brutus
   – Shield
   – EE
   – Endgame
   – And much more…


Treyarch (CodWaw mod tools)

IZaRTaX (map,level documentation,level design,game design,scripts,fx’s,sound,textures,models,lights)

RDV (elevator,gondola,character zombies,acidkit,shield,hud,Pause Menu,brutus,hintstrig,scripts)
ElTitoPricus (weapons,character players,character sound)
Andy Whelan (photoshop template)
Harry Bo21 (shield, electric cherry,hintstrig)

DidUknowiPwn (t6 hud)
DuaLVII (rotating doors,zmb spawn system)
Tom_BMX (tools)
Wollowizzy (beta tester) 



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