Version: Alpha v1.0 By: FluffyJojo125

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Many parts of the map are subject to change

This is my first map so expect bugs/glitches. I’ve been working on this by myself for around 2-3 months.
It still isn’t complete I am still working hard at finishing it and maybe adding more mods to it, I would love for you people to play test this and see if you can find any things that need to be fixed or things that need to be changed

This map features:
Black Ops Perks
Der Reise Teleporter

Things to be changed:
-Move PAP to a teleport location at spawn. (The hole at spawn in the corner at spawn)
-Add more decor in the buildings.
-Fix wherever the foliage goes through any visible wall
-Maybe fix the slopes and replace with stairs
-Adding multiple box locations
-Adding dog meme textures on basically everything (Weapons, buildings, etc.)


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