Zombie Garage

Zombie Garage
Version: 1.1 By: Scobalula

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This map does not require T4M.


I put a lot of work into this map, and currently putting a lot of work into upcoming updates and maps, if you enjoy my work, consider donating: :)
Zombie Garage

As the recent outbreak sweeps through the United States, killing all those around you, you and your team take shelter in a nearby Garge, but things aren’t what they seem. 

Officially this is my second map, but first to be released to the public, I have spent and still am spending a lot of time making sure the map is good enough. :)

It’s a small map, make sure to get that into your head, this is not Origins. It’s a small survival map, for sitting back and relaxing, there’s no easter egg, etc. just kill the zombies!

This map uses UGX Mod 1.1, for a list of features, check out the topic here.

UGX-Team – UGX Mod, tools such as Weapon Editor, etc.
Tom_Bmx– Tools such as Xmodel Utils, Lime, Lemon, etc.
Rollonmath42– Porting tutorials
YhPh1l– Kino Like Wall lights, Typewriter intro
DualVII – Rotating Doors
JBird632 – Secondary Alias Tutorial
Treyarch– Black Ops 1, 2 and 3 Textures, Models and anims.
Infinity Ward– MW2, 3 and Ghosts Textures, Models and anims
HitmanVere– General Help, Beta Tester.
Koan– Beta Tester
Valve– Textures from Counter Strike – Global Offense
TheScotchGuy– Scrub
Uk_ViiPeR– Why is he here again?
If you feel I should have given you credit (helped me, used something made by you, etc.) please do not hesitate to PM me here or on Skype.

Regarding Beta Period: So many applied, lol, and I felt a lot of the bugs were found by Hitman, also the forum wouldn’t let me PM since it exceeded 15 PMs :lol:



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