Swamp Island (unfinished)

Swamp Island (unfinished)
By: Quizz

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“Swamp Island” includes 2 different game modes, Survival and Gun Game. Hardpoint is also a game mode, however it isn’t really playable. The map itself is very small and only includes one area. This level was meant to just be a concept map to test some features like new perks, game modes, and zombie types.


  • 2 Modes to pick from – Survival or Gun Game

  • Custom weapons from other CODs

  • CustomĀ  made perks

  • Reworked HUD

  • New point system based on damage per shot

  • Attachment box gives a random buff to a gun

  • Points cap at 5000, but your wallet can be upgraded

  • Armored zombies have increased health

  • Skippable breaks between rounds



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