Die Festung

Die Festung
By: NGcaudle

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Die Festung has been in the making for a while, mainly because I have put it off a lot due to being busy. I decided to make sure it was playable and release it since bo3 mod tools just got released the other day. 

  • Map Details:
  • Bo1, Bo2, And MW3 Weapons
  • Bo2 Knifing
  • WaW, Bo1, Custom Perk/Bo1 Style Perk Bottles    (No Perk Limit)
  • Origin Player Models/Viewhands/Hud
  • Kino Style Teleporter
  • Buyable Ending
  • Double Points Work On Drops
  • Bo3 Perk Point System (prone = 100)
  • Removed Dogs
  • Credits:
  • NGcaudle – Mapping/Model Porting/Custom Models
  • Rorke – Weapon porting/Player Viewhands
  • Harry Bo21 – Perks/Weapon
  • DidUknowiPwn – Hud
  • Steviewonder87 – Upgraded Weapon Camo
  • Tom BMX – Buyable Ending
  • Aidan – Kino Style Teleporter
  • Jr-Imagine – Perks  
  • Thanks For Testing
  • JZKitty
  • Rorke
  • Mentality_420
  • UPDATE: Map no longer needs T4M



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