Extinct The Last Compund

Extinct The Last Compound
By: ZeRoy, EITitoPricus, IZaRTaX, HitmanVere & Ardivee

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Extinct original map made on WaW in 2015, story by ElTitoPricus also Radimax has contributed to the development on WaW version.

Extinct The Last Compound

Phone Rings:

– Who is it?
– Zombies are Coming !!!
– Who is it?
– Richtofen Delegate is coming !!! He is comanding the Undead
– Richtofen is dead!!!
– Don’t believe the Hype, It’s all Dr. Maxis fault, He send his Delegate anticipating destiny
– You are a joke, don’t believe You, No Way
– Get You arsenal Ready. You have visitors
– WHAT ???
– The Morgan Freeman Appreciation Society has unveil the Wormhole, they coming to You thru it
– WHAT ???
– Get You arsenal Ready
– OMG!!! They are HERE!!!!
– Good Luck to all of You: No doubt, No Fear, No Anxiety
– We all gonna Die !!!
– Get you ♥♥♥♥ Together, Open The ARSENAL RIGHT NOW !!!

Creator: IZaRTaX
Creator email: [email protected]
portfolio: http://www.zartax-level-design.com 
Version: 1.3
Released: 03/14/2017


ElTitoPricus: weapons/camo/chalks/story
Zeroy: zombie models
RDV: perks and vox sound
Makecents: Growing Soul
Natesmithzombies: Buyable Ending
HitmanVere: Original Layout and Idea
Treyarch: BO3 Mod Tools

Please report any bugs.

Good game : )



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