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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

This is a map I started a long time ago and I have decided to finish and release it, as it took me a lot of work. 

Scenario and Story

The map is placed on an abandoned and partally flooded town where the war ended long ago, and now only the remains of the trenches and the destroyed buidings last. Vegetation has grown all around and swamps, burned terrain and the dead challenge anybody who dares to explore its secrets. 
A gate to another reality was opened there, and it grew up during the war, when the battle fed it. 

Find the way to save the world as we know it, in a place where past, present and future merge.

-Main Easter Egg with two endings.
-Musical Easter Egg.
-Two weapon Easter Eggs.
-Power activation divided in 6 zones that have to be captured and are attacked randomly by the enemy.
-Elemental orb system (Fire, Water, Wind and Lightning orbs) that can be created from raw orbs in the four elemental stone circles in the map.
-Custom models
-Custom textures
-Custom sounds
-6 Perks (Juggernog, Sleight, BO Quick Revive, Double Tap, Mule kick and Stamin-Up) 
-The four original perks are elementally upgradeable with puzzles: 
   +Juggernog -> health incremented 50% when upgraded (Wind)
   +Sleight of Hand -> Electric cherry effect when upgraded (Lightning)
   +Double Tap -> Damage increased 100% when upgraded (Water)
   +Quick Revive -> An explosion kills all the zombies surrounding the player when downed (Fire)


-All COD WAW Weapons except Type 100, double barreled shotgun, STG-44, molotov and flamethrower
-Hidden blade
-Nock Gun (Seven-barreled shotgun)
-Bow, that can be upgraded with the elemental orbs into four different bows with different powers.
-Spear, that can be simple thrown killing one zombie, or charged, killing all the zombies that enter in its effect area during a certain time. The spear can be taken back from the ground but if it’s charged, it has to be regenerated killing zombies.
-The Spear can be upgraded following the main Easter Egg.

-Difficulty added by zones that can only be accessed by climbing.
-Allied soldier recruitment  with HUD.
   +Rifleman – allied Japanese soldier with Kar98k (PTRS41 When upgraded).
   +Shotgunner – allied Marine with a Shotgun (Nock gun when upgraded).
   +Assault – Russian soldier with a PPsH-41 (AK-47 When upgraded).
   +Machine gunner – German soldier with FG-42 (MG-42 when upgraded).
All four soldier types can be upgraded two levels, increasing health, weapons and the option of special attack (an upgraded Nock gun during 20 seconds at level 2 and an upgraded Ray gun at level 3).
The player can command the soldiers with commands like stop fire, hold position, follow and the activation of the special hability.


Don goony – Nuckle crack script
YaPh1l – Fix for ally AI idle animations 
Aidan – Teleport script
ZCT Mod’s / YaPh1l – double tap  2.0 script
bo perks – bamskater33
ZOMB1E-KLLR – Youtube Mapping tutorials
Tom BMX – Youtube Maya tutorials
Aidan – COD Plugin for Maya 2012-2014
MakeCents – Main menu modding tutorial

Music by Adrian von Ziegler



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