Rise of the Devil

Rise of the Devil
By: Deathlike Silence

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The Devil has risen again, and he wants his vengance! Battle through endless demon hordes, and escape the fiery pits of Hell!

-This is a remaster of one of my World At War releases entitled “Vindicta Diaboli”.


-Harrybo21’s weapons pack (Regular guns are still available as well).

-The DOOM 4 Soundtrack.
(Disclaimer: I take no credit in the soundtrack. All rights go to Bethesda Studios and the original composer).

-Der Riese/The Giant-style teleporter system.

-Fixed Lil’ Arnie. Recieving Lil Arnies from the box will NOT take a weapon slot.

-Unlimited Perks

-Buyable ending.

-Soul Rituals. Quench Satan’s bloodthirst, and you will be rewarded something good!

-Easter Egg song: Find all of the teddy bears to play a song.



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