Swamp Of The Dead

Swamp Of The Dead
By: SealTeamSix21

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Its a remake of the WaW map Shi no Numa its like the title says in WIP.

There are lots of details missing right now but i work on it.
I changed the round sounds to the world at war ones.

Update 20. November :

– changed starting pistol to MR6
– changed health system back to 3 hit down
– fixed some bugs that got reported (for example the door where zombies and dogs stuck)
– reduced the fog and make it more stick to the ground like in a swamp
– adjust wallbuy prices
– changed guns in the box (for example only wonderwaffle and raygun / no mark 3 or thunder gun)
– added more detail on the map

Update 21. November :

– added the last room (whole house is now playable)
– added new wallbuys (KRM and second MX)
– added new barrier
– added starting text related to shi no numa

Update 01.01.2017:

– added new areas (2 swamps)
– added WaW guns from Xtercod
– added the flogger
– added more detail
– new skybox
– new zombie barriers

Update 06.01.2017:

– added language support

Update 07.04.2017:

– added much more detail and new style to the map
– improved the flogger swamp area
– added slow down trigger for swamp areas
– added volmetric lighting
– fixed a few bugs

Flogger bug isnt fixed now so be careful

The weapons update will come soon there are some issues with them Xtercod will fix them soon

The next update will contain more guns some player quotes from WaW and maybe new areas.

Hope you like it.

Have fun playing.

If you have any bugs and issues please report and also rate the map please.


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