935 Forest

935 Forest
By: Spiki

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Group 935 found a meteor containing high deposits of element 115 in a forest in a remote location. They’re testing it out on zombie test subjects.

Latest update (27.4):
-minor changes

You lose your hells retriever/redeemer if you go down with who’s who

EE steps below

There is no buyable ending

A debuger is available and can be turned on in the house (after entering turn right 45).(cuz its a beta)

Modme users of whom I can’t remember the names of because I’m to lazy to write them down


1 main ee)
Shoot 935 on the number pad in the house.
Shoot 3 teddy’s in under 30 secs (stamin up area tree, power room on a shelf, room with all the fire display case).
Get some good ass guns.
Go to the boss fight (teleporter pad near the teleporter).
All players must stand in the middle of the arena for boss to spawn. (bug: only one must)
Kill 5 bosses. (use trigger on door if there’s a problem)
Get your hells retriever from one of the prison cells.

Collect 4 gateworms from the main part of the map (pretty easy to see)
Place them on the pillars in the corners at the boss fight (press USE key)
Get your hells redeemer.

2 blundergat)
In the power room go to the catwalk and stab the bloody handprint.
Shoot the power antenna from which the lightning is coming from.
Go back to the catwalk to get the blundergat

3 free perks)
-Shoot 3 ravens (tank after exiting fire house, antenna on the first house(nade it if you can’t shoot it), end of catwalk). Perk spawns infront of lion on the stairs.
-Shoot eletric generator in the power room with the wunderwaffe.
-Shoot the text at the end of the pap area


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