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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download
Furtrelock (T4M needed!)


First of all you need the T4M file in your cod map.
Furtrelock: created by Gympie5  — T4M Needed!!
Credits and thank you very much for using your packs:
Pieternba2k (Support)
Shippuden1592 (All black ops 1 weapons + Zap gun & Nova Crawlers)
Jerrie13 (All blackops 2 weapons)
Bamskater (All blackops 1 perks & blackops 2 perks)
Harrybo21 (Support & raygun mark 2)
IamBEAR (Support)
AwesomePieMan (Five teleporters)
Fusorf (Blackops3 perk shaders)
Tom_BMX (Tools and axe melee weapon)
[CCM] (Freezegun)
[HOG]Rampage (Give ammo tutorial)
MakeCents (Brickwalls)
CFG Factory
if I forgot to credit you make sure to send me a pm and I will update this list!
Enjoy the Map
16 Perks
6 Custom perks made by me
Double Tap 2.0
Black ops 1 Perks/weapons
Black ops 2 Perks/weapons
Hard difficulty
Five teleporters
Buyable ending
2 Custom Powerups

– Flak Jacket: All player health is increased to 550 for 30 seconds.

– Infinite Ammo: Shoot infinite bullets until time is up.

– Soulbound: Increase bullet and do aura damage while standing close together (the perk will glow green),
if the reviver revives a player the player will get free 1500 points! 

– Chainbind: Be able to stun zombies with your knife or have 8% chance to stun them with a weapon.

– Vampire Endurance: Increase health while hurting zombies to a maximum of 350 + (level.round_number * 1.5)
The perk will glow red to the maximum.

– Gambling Gargoyle: Spend 1250 points every 30 seconds on items. Becarefull you lose 50 points per second to a maximum of 1500 points. If the player spend all his points while the perk is still removing points it stops and starts again after 30 seconds. Everytime you get 1250 points the perk will glow yellow for a second and blinks.

– Repair Rum: Instant building barricades.

– DemolitiBeer: 3x stronger explosion damage.

Beta testers:

Iron Wolf

If the map has some minor bugs/glitches please send a pm to me and I will try to fix them as soon as possible!
(There is a possibility the map gets more features and I will make you sure it’s the same link).
I know Vulture Aid Does not work well in Co-op.

Enjoy the mod and any feedback is always welcome!  :)



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