Lostplace Hunted

Lostplace Hunted
By: #xoxo r4d

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interesting facts: large factory building is based on an old
phosphate factory a few towns away from me. Just google “chemiewerk rüdersdorf”. Alot of movies / music-videos were filmed there. Most recent one would be “Rammstein – Deutschland”

*** Updated to V1.3
– made the map a tad lighter
– fixed death areas
– removed china lake

If you want to know what changed since the inital release, please visit the Recent Changes – Tab
// ———————

You can try everything to survive and uncover the mystery that lies beneath this place.
But can you defeat the devil that owns it?
– Thanks to Claire Witt for being a grammar nazi 😀

// ———————

Fellow YouTubers. First of all, thanks for making all the great content on the latest and greatest
custom zombie maps / mods because it helps the zombie community quite a lot!

But please keep in mind that some stuff released on the workshop takes quite a bit of time and effort to create.
I think I can speak on behalf of the community, to atleast credit the creator/s by name and link to the workshop content
you showcased in your video. I´m not asking for anything else but this.
With that said, enjoy the map!

// ———————

– Actionslot 4 = Challenge Menu
– Doubletap USE = Flashlight On/Off

/* Credits ————————————————————

DTZxPorter – Wraith
NateSmithZombies – Brutus Base
Harry Bo21 – Custom Perks
ZeRoY – RainFx / Ambient Sounds
Collie – Luger P-08
Jia909 – Weapons: M4A1 / Volk / MP44 / Stakeout
ProRevenge – MP28 / M1 / STG44 / MP40 / AK74U
Doublejake – Model 1887
RudySPG – HUD Base
Sledgehammer Games – A few WW2 Models ( Foliage / Dirt )

( Please PM me if you feel like I forgot someone )

———————————————————————- */
Special thanks to the whole Team @Treyarch for the great modtools you guys provided!



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