Little Boy

Little Boy
By: Flowing

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LITTLEBOY is a zombie map based on the style of “Nuketown zombie” (yes it’s a remake)
this map contains a feasible secret from round 14!

(No picture representative of the map because the steam workshop does not want to download them.)

/!\ Thank you for reporting all the bugs because from the output of the map I can not touch it for 2 weeks for personal reasons, thank you for your understanding. /!\

Thanks to :

– [Tester] –

– Zeroy
– Clix
– Alexisloic21
– Zephora132
– QuentionFTL
– Kleben

-HarryBo21 [Black ops 2/3 Weapon]
– Pro [M1911]

Wraith by DTZxPorter
Treyarch & Activision {model and texture}



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