Zombie Seelow v3

Zombie Seelow v3
By: Avalebor

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Based on mp_Seelow map.
One way card (not circular).
– delayed start
– car
– boat
– zombies run from the 1st round
– changed the appearance of zombies
– increased number of zombies
– zombie counter
– the boss
– replaced “hell hounds” with a German shepherd
– added weapons from other Call of Duty series + shovel, ax and katana
– purchased: monkey, ammo, bomb
– additional drop-down bonuses: “endless ammo” and “invulnerability”
– restroom. you can close and go have some tea
– traps
– purchased end of the game (THE END)
– no box
– no upgrade
– there are no teleports like DerRiese


xSanchez78 (alaurenc9) – WhosWho perk
nukem – Teleport scripts
MakeCents, buttkicker845 – ShootTrigger scripts
MakeCents, Dust – Zombie Counter scripts
MakeCents – Fan Blade Traps scripts
Battleduck – grenade_wall scripts
DARKLEGION, Treminaor, Codmapper – custom bonus
shippuden1592 – Boss Zombie Engineer
shippuden1592 – Zombie drag-and-drop
shippuden1592 – weapon haymaker
Tom_BMX – weapons: shovel, ax, katana
Rorke – weapon AK47
DamianoTBM – weapon NV4
WoLf_GoLd – weapons: M4a1, Desert Eagle, PKP Pecheneg
WoLf_GoLd – viewhands Black Kit
Tiresome101 – model AmmoMatle
sangwe11 – zombies light up



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