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In a totally wonky and parallel universe, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinsky, Nero Blackstone & Scarlett Rhodes found themselves in a Ghost Town somewhere in Arizona where they are “Wanted” by just about everything that moves.

As the synopsys above shows this map was made with fun in mind, not cannon 🙂 – I really like the western era and a certain trilogy of movies so…

Inspired by great map like Buried or Games like Red Dead Redemption and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, I present “WANTED” a map which should keep casual entertained but should also put the pro to the test if they want to complete the Main quest.

There are a number of side quests also and many small easter eggs for good measure.

Map took almost year to make, I started it back in March 2018, I would estimate having spent well over 1000h on this level which is as custom as it gets for BlackOps 3 Zombies!

Finally I have to thank DivineFury [https://www.artstation.com/divinefury5], modeler and animator extraordinaire who was commissioned for many of the weapons and models you will see in this map. Huge thanks to HarryBo21, IamMichael and Ardivee for the help on hard bugs. Also a big thanks to Glitching Queen for being very enthusiastic about the map and helping modding community!

Have fun and see if you can be the fastest shot in the West!

Modded content includes: Hud, Zombies, Ai, Perks, Weapons, Fxs, Models, Sounds, mechanics.
Many weapons, most directly from the era with a few more recent added for balance.


Zeroy – Ardivee – HarryBo21 – Alexisloic21 – WillJones – Makecents – QuentinFTL
JerriGaming – Symbo – Lilrobot – Seth Norris – NateSmithZombies – Lilrifa


DivineFury – ElTitoPricus – TheSkyeLord
Elfenliedtopfans – HarryBo21 – JBird632
Erthrock – ApexModder – Paranoia D – Madgaz


DTZxPorter – Nukem – Se2Dev – Scobalula
Collie – Makecents – Blak – Aszry


RudySPG – Pr3dat0r – Azurite

Various help/Testers

Madgaz – IamMichael – Glitching Queen- Robit – Retro – Verk0 – Hitman
Lilrobot – Alexbegt – Frosty – IceGrenade – Joe Trocious – Blueshark
Revers – Raze – Clix – eMoX Manga – Flowing – MJPWGaming


Treyarch – SledgeHammer Games – Infinity Ward – Raven – Techland Publishing

Music Credits

Johnny Cash : Rusty Cage (1991)
Ennio Morricone : Good Bad and Ugly (1967)

Extra Notes

******* DO NOT USE FAST_RESTART **********

I worked with so many great modders, if I ommited someone in the credits please get in touch!
For Streamers / Youtubers, avoid gramophone in Hotel and something to do with “115” for those copyright musics!




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