Alpengeist Research Facility v1.3

Alpengeist Research Facility v1.3
By: Logical

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Alpengeist Research Facilty
Created by Logical Edits


“The Alpengeist Research Facility was an American-Operated mountainous research facility located within the Swiss Alps. Last week, their communications was completely shut off with only a final message transcribed back to the Pentagon: “DON’T COME KNOCKIN”?. You?re mission is to investigate what happened, locate any survivors, and bring back any useful information. You’ll be accompanied by me personally, OVERLORD-6, a Navy Seal General. I’ll be guiding you through your mission and observing you from 30,000 feet into the atmosphere in a Blackbird T-6. That’s the same Blackbird that will be taking you there. Gear up. You?ll be HALO jumping.” – Overlord 6.


Quick Revive
Speed Cola
Double Tap 2.0
Vulture Aid
Mule Kick
PhD Flopper
Electric Cherry
Tombstone (Not in Solo)
Snail’s Pace

All Weapons from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Wonder Weapons:
Scavenger (Ported myself w/help)
Ray Gun
Ray Gun MK-II (Ported myself w/help)
Wonderwaffe DG-2


Full Easter Egg
Multiple Side Easter Eggs
Song Easter Egg (Copy-Righted song, disable it in your “Music” tab in settings)

I would remember the numbers, Mason.


♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ – Easteregg Script
Skye – Weapons
LilRobot – Inspectable Weapons
Harrybo21 – Perks / Shield / Mysteryboxes / Attackable
Symbo – Attackable
Madgaz – Ammomatic
Frosty – Colored Eyes / IW Bank
Abnormal202 – Cryo-Slide / Snail’s Pace
Jbird632 – Music EE
Scobalula – FX
Zynx – Zombies in Spaceland Models
Muffin???????115 – BO1 Five Models
Erthrocks – Moon Player Models
IceGrenade – Font Tutorial
DTZxPorter – Wraith / Kronos
Treyarch / Infinity Ward / Activsion – Amazing Games <3

Special Thanks To:
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ – Super duper awesome EE Script
Skalv – Play testing
Booris – Play Testing
TheCanadianPro – Play Testing
Metallica (One) – Easter Egg Song
Hanz Zimmerman (Day One – Interstellar Soundtrack) – Ending Easter Egg Song & Trailer Song

If I’m missing anyone please contact me and I will make changes as credit is due to where its due.


Thanks for playing my map! Please leave comments / thoughts / bugs / suggestions down below in the comments. I’ll be reading each and every one. Hope you all enjoy!

Total time to Create: 1 Month


If anyone feels obligated to help support me financially, you can here. Thank you all for everything, it means the world to me.



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