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A Japanese park has become radiated… Special force from the 54i and some iconic characters are called in to investigate what is going on but nothing goes to plan…

Version : 1.1 —CONTENT— -Challenges (Can be done in coop too) -Main Quest -Side Quests -Game mode selection -Gun Game -Custom HUD -Custom weapons (BO4, BO3, MWR) -Custom DeathMachine (MWR Minigun) -Shangri-La Zombies models -Custom PaP Camo -All language support -Zombies Chronicle sounds effect -Custom Characters (BO3 MP, BO4) -New power system -Spikes -Custom Powerup (Gun Game) -Loadscreen -EE Wonder weapon

—CRÉDITS— (If i forgot you in crédits, sorry and let me know !) : Mapping : eMoX MaNgA – Blueshark (Base layout). Scripting/LUA : Symbo (Challenges, EE, Spikes) – QuentinFTL (GunGame, Select Menu, quest inventory, various help) – Makecents (Base GunGame Script) – Alexisloic21 (Custom powerups script) – Clix (Some audio parts, popup hud, side ee ,various help) – Jari (LUA BO1 HUD) – eMoX MaNgA (BO3 Style adaptation of HUD) – lilrobot (inspection). Weapons : ElTitoPricus (All BO4 ports) – eMoX MaNgA (BO3 ports, BO4 weapons sound setup, Custom PaP Camo) – TheSkyeLord (MWR ports) – ninjamanny829 (BO3 Mosin) – raptroes (Ballistic Knife, Semtex). Modeling/Animation : Divinefury (Custom powerup models, BO3 weapons inspection, PHD Model). Art : Clix (Loadscreen, thumbnail, Quest tab template) – eMoX MaNgA (Images Challenges, Popup etc.) – iPhoZe (Game mode images, templates) – robit (Perk BO4 Style). Testers: Clix – Symbo – iPhoZe – QuentinFTL – alexisloic21 – ZeRoY – BluEShark – Symbiote. Tools : Treyarch (Mod tools) – Porter (Kronos, Wraith) – id-daemon (Wraith) – Scobalula (Hydrax and Greyhound). Misc : eMoX MaNgA (Seraph) – Zeroy (BO4 Misty, Shang monkeys, various help) – TheBlackDeath (Woods – Mason) – ApexModder (BO4 Barricades) – HarryBO21 (Perks) – Ardivee (Ambient room) – NateSmithZombies – Erthrock (Zombies models) – Renegade (Woods and Mason vox lines).

Sorry for my English (im French), if you have bugs, suggestions or if you enjoy the map let me know in the comments section !



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