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February 3rd, 2000.
Our heroes escaped Myanmar and after a year of travelling throughout the world,
they find themselves in an abandoned research facility in the northwest of Greenland.
They’ve received the signal to “Kill them.
Kill them all.”.

Hello and welcome to my next map. I don’t really know, what to say about this Level.
The main objective is to solve the big easteregg of this map. Sometimes the map is hard,
but as soon as you know, how the mechanics work, you will have a great time here.
My personal speedrun of this map were 22 rounds to solve the EE.
There are also some smaller eastereggs with useful rewards.
The Music is from the CoD WaW OST.
There are 8 perks in this map and there is no perk limit.
Hours of work put into the map: c.a. 1100h.

– Weapons from MWR, Ghosts and BO4
– BO1 Max Ammo style (replenishes your magazine aswell)
– World At War Zombie Anims
– Custom zombie eyes colour
– MWR Character Models
– Area 51 zombies
– Verrückt Runners
– Der Riese random perk places (except for Quick Revive and Staminup)
– Music easteregg
– Samantha easteregg with a funny reward
– CoD WaW HD perk and powerup shaders
– Zombies Chronicles groans
– No perk limit
– Kino der Toten PaP Teleporter
– A big Endgame easteregg with a “little” suprise


– Symbo (He literally scripted everything and this map would never
been possible without him)
– TheSkyeLord (BO4 Guns)
– MotoLegacy (WaW Perk Shaders)
– Fusorf (WaW Powerup Shaders)
– Mike Pence (Music Easteregg)
– Frost Iceforge (Zombie Eyes)
– Scobalula (Greyhould Exporting tools)
– HarryBO21 (Additional scripting)
– raptroes (MWR raw weapon files)
– lilrobot (Weapon inspect script)
– ardivee (Acoustix)
– collie (conversion rig)
– Kunjora (idk, why he’s here, but i like this guy)
– Level design and ideas: Me. the Mindmirror

Beta Testers:
– Hexenbane (He reported most of the errors, much thanks for that!)
– Zombie Vendetta
– Fil the Veteran
– raptroes
– MNB369
– GCPeinhardt
– BunkerBear
– Kunjora
– MDNAkilla81 (Er spricht kein Englisch, deswegen hier nochmal: Danke fürs Testen! :D)
– Javix473
– Ashcore
– Scooter
– CrossFire
– Verk0
– Skalv
– IceGrenade

Good luck and have fun!



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