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The map indeed is just a small to medium map. You have some cool features aswell a buyable ending. The idea of the map came from my friends, since i remember that we used to spend a lot of time playing Hello Kitty Remastered(another custom map for waw), but it has so many glitches, so i just did a similar map to that for us to play. It is a challenging map(at least some of my friends say that)  and it worths to try. The map indeed wasn’t meant to be public but yeah, in the end they said why not.Hope you enjoy it!!!

UPDATED [28.10.2019]
-Removed buildable power switch(the script i was using from ZK did not include sounds, and it kinda sux )
-Removed Dolphin Dive(it was a very cool feature but i found a bug that could crash the whole game –
-Added another song radio
-Added another small easter egg
-Added Scavenger
-Added the playable area trig(on my last compile i deleted the trigger of powerups and forgot to put it back)
-Fixed the damage script on the PaP area

-No custom perks(sorry for that, but many of glitches come by the custom perks)
-A bunch of yellow
-Moon Style Teleport
-Bo3 style powerup fx
-Randomized Jugg and Speed Cola
-Song and radio easter eggs
-Custom Weapons( waw, bo1, bo2, bo3)
-Custom Skins of Zombies
-Buildable Satchel Charge
-Buildable Mystery Box
-A few Easter Eggs
-Buyable Ending(100k cost)
-Kino Style Entranec(the electricity fx)
-Custom Round Sounds
-Zombie Napalm
-Does not require t4m
(Also powerups can spawn through the barriers if you kill zombies, i left it on purpose :P)


El Ricos – weapons files
DamianoTBM – weapon installation and weapon errors
Rorke – fixing some dumbshit errors from radiant
Bad Boy17 – general help
Cpt Johnson1 – general help
MiKeY – general and scripting help
Ice Granade – scriting support
Symbo – scripting support
HitmanVere – for fixing a script of mine
Killjoy – scripting support
Henok – finding a mistake on 1 of my scripts
Gympie5 – general and scripting support
Special thanks to Cpt Johnson1, DamianoTBM, Rorke and Bad Boy17 for being helpful all the time in case i needed help or something similar
And Also
UGX ZM CCM and Zomb1e-kllr for their awesome tutorials!!!
-Silver-Eyed Warrior



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