Beats of the Undead

Beats of the Undead
By: Dark Helmet

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After reviving John Candy’s son in Colorado, our CIA heroes Snake, Tony and John Candy Jr. have teamed up with Dr.Richtofen one last time. Their final mission- Resurrect the late John Candy.

Travel to the Beats Realm to meet the famed actor and relive the past events that torture his mind in the purgatory with no escape- Beats of the Undead!

-Added Orel’s gameplay (mostly in french but shows a lot of map progression)

-Added Ascended Zombies Easter Egg guide (Break the cycle ending cutscene included)

-The distant Panzer is the start of a new side easter egg, and must be shot with a specific upgraded weapon in the helmet (above the glass face)

-Kramers shots are perks drank, High roller is box weapons obtained, mystery task is mystery box hits. Pizza the Hut challenge is to pack a punch within a minute… double packing counts.


——————–Patch 1.1———————–

-Resolved crashes for successfully defending device in boss arena.

-Resolved crash from watching video on spawn room TV.

-Fixed bug where some players would be stuck in the Tomb area when teleported during the easter egg

-Changed generator health to be much higher to reduce cool down crashes.

-Reduced fog and vista fog to improve performance and make areas of the map easier to see.

-Resolved bug at game start where black and white filter did not apply properly.

-Scaled up rain and improved sun.

-Small changes such as fonts and clearer character icons.


This map features a full length, multiple ending Easter Egg Main Quest as well as several challenges and sidequests.

-Map Features-

-Full Easter Egg with Boss and two possible endings.

-Generator Repair Pack-a-punch sidequest.

-Various Challenge Totems scattered around map with different rewards and a secret final reward for completing all. Challenges are time based and shared between all players.

-Round Based Bosses- Panzer Soldat and Brutus.

-Buried ghosts that spawn during different events in the map.

-Call of Duty WW2 guns with inspectable support. (Hold action button)

-Buildable Dragon Shield and sidequest weapons (Overkill Minigun, upgraded Lil Arnie, and Wave Gun).

-Teleporters and fast traveling launch pads.

-Full LUI HUD with custom inventory for buildables and easter egg items, as well as BO4 style LUI location indicator.

-12 Perks including Monster Energy and changed appearances to Staminup and Electric Cherry.

-Monster Energy allows firing while sprinting.

-Liquid Schwartz replaces Staminup, Surge Soda replaces Electric Cherry. The hintstrings remain the same to make it simple which perk does what.

-Nygma’s Nectar allows the purchase of 2 random perks in exchange for 5000 points and a zap of The Riddler’s brainwave device.

-Inclusion of Chronicles weapons such as the Wave gun, Russian dolls and Gersch Device.

-Hidden bottle perkaholic easter egg. (10 bottles to find)

-Round Based Encounter Easter egg. (Round 20)

-Loads of Spaceballs and John Candy References and Easter Eggs, including mini easter eggs, radios, and Pack-a-Punch camos.

-Hidden radios, letters and iconic past locations detailing John Candy’s troubling last moments.

-2 Easter Egg songs and several hidden song and sound easter eggs.

-Watchable television, playable jukebox, character specific mirror easter egg, and multiple jumpscares.

-Custom character models, Templar zombie models, 5 custom Pack-a-Punch Camos

-Custom HUD, Sky, Rain, Lightning and most importantly volumetric fog.

-Map Achievements to look out for-

> In Beats of the Undead, Continue the Cycle.

> In Beats of the Undead, Break the Cycle.

> In Beats of the Undead, Pay off your debt to Pizza the Hutt.

> In Beats of the Undead, Return to the Ice Age.

> In Beats of the Undead, Wield Buck Russell’s Divine Justice.

> In Beats of the Undead, Venerate the Most Noble and Splendid.

> In Beats of the Undead, Visit Normandy, Stalingrad, and a quaint Norwegian Home.

> In Beats of the Undead, Gaze into yourself.

> In Beats of the Undead, Complete the Equestrian Quests.

These Achievements do not ‘pop up’ at completion, they are just events and easter eggs in the map to look for.

Harrybo21 (Perks, Shield, attackable, magicbox and packapunch)
QuentinFTL, Ardivee (LUI Hud)
Noobforlunch (LUI)
Symbo (attackable, soul collectors, challenges)
Skye (WW2 weapons)
MikePence (Player Models, Rain fx and script)
Lilrobot (Inspectable weapons)
gcpeinhardt (DLC5 weapons)
Zeroy (WW2 Models, rain script)
Ardivee (Rain script)
Wild (round change sounds)
NSZ (Brutus, Teleporter, Ending)
SDFM (Panzer, Ghosts and Jukebox)
Erthrock (zombie origins models, ambient script, perk shaders)
Abnormal (easter egg script, boss ending)
MakeCents (souls)
Rain (Jump pads)
Icegrenade (Fonts)

Cosmo Kramer
President Skroob
Pizza the Hutt

-Song and Movie credits-

Kanye West


Biggie Smalls

Bone Thugs and Harmony

The Cranberries/ Bad Wolves (Cinematic and EE song)




Britney Spears

Elena Siegman

Dragonball Z and Super OST

Spaceballs OST

Batman and Robin OST

Ryan Reynolds’ short video tribute to John Candy was used for parts of the Trailer

Movie scenes and quotes from Spaceballs, Stripes, Planes Trains and Automobiles, and Uncle Buck were used as well.



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