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Himmler’s SS Paranormal Division is staging a massive archaeological dig near the outskirts of the Wulfburg village. Catacombs run a great distance under the village, ultimately leading to an ancient church.
Residents of Wulfburg call this “The Defiled Church”. It apparently has a rather sordid history dating back 1000 years. Over the ages it has been rumored to have been used for a number of occult ceremonies. Rumors aside, we do know that SS Paranormal Division team are there now. We do not know what they are planning, so it is imperative that you investigate and recover as much intelligence information as possible.

Remake of the Dark Secret chapter from Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

-Wolfenstein themed map featuring german village,crypt and occult church.
-World War 2 weapons only
-Buyable ending
-Shootable easter egg
-Unlockable Pack-a-Punch
-SOE-like teleport
-Napalm Zombies
-Custom announcers
-Trading table

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If you are willing to help me restock my supplies of pizza and diet coke, I accept the donations via PayPal[paypal.me]

WWII Weapons – Skye
Templar and Kino zombies – Erthrock
Buyable ending script – MakeCents
Music – Doom 3
Additional models – Call of Duty: World at War, Black Ops II
Additional sounds – Day of Infamy, Doom 3, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
Additional textures – Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Snow script – Ardivee
Harrybo21 – Napalm Zombies
Trading Table – FrostIceforge



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