AREA 51 (2020)

By: Planet & Steviewonder87

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A top secret US military facility in the Nevada desert, long rumoured to hold government secrets on UFOs and extraterrestrials and experiments with the mysterious element 115…

If you enjoyed this map please consider making a donation to the creators to show your appreciation it would mean a lot, make sure to mention it’s for Area 51 –


– Main EE
– Alien mini bosses + Nova Crawlers
– Sidestepping/Stumbling/Rolling zombie behaviours from SOE/Ascension
– Custom weapons (mostly updated BO1 loadout)
– Elemental Raygun MK2s from Alpha Omega


Planet for the main EE ideas, scripting and extensive testing
HarryBo21 for the nova crawlers, base script for the alien minibosses, some weapons, ported fx
Flipthebit for scripting some of the Elemental MK2 buildable functionality
Tito for help with the original BO1 weapons and the acquisition of some models
DTZxPorter for creating Wraith
ProRevenge for his updated Ray Gun
Scobalula for his tools
Azsry for his custom slide animation tutorial
TheSkyeLord for his BO4 ports
RDV for his reverb tutorial
DannySales for alien sounds and models and testing
Karnage & AlfaTheseus for testing
Zeroy and Jbird for selecting this map as the winner of season 1 of Z1620’s ZMBR contest

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