Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom (Fixed)

Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom (Fixed)
Version: fixed By: vinnyz500 Fixed By: Jamalidal75

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Fixed: What I did is suppressing falling damages so that the parkour falling doesn’t reset the game. 

Also, given that PHD might become less useful (unless for grenades protection), I have also added a double dew perk inside, which multiplies your killing score by 2.

Enjoy ! (Jamal558)

Bo2 Weapons
Teleporters to alternate areas
8 shootable song easter eggs *Possibly copyrighted, turn down music if recording a video*
Concert area with 3D sweet victory song
Zombie shield buildable
buildable power
buyable ending 
Some other stuff, cant remember

The map basically has playable spongebob character houses, 2 map exports from the game Spongebob: Battle for Bikini bottom, plus a concert area. Playable areas include:

Downtown Bikini Bottom
Jellyfish Fields
Concert Area
Goofy Goober’s
Krusty Krab
Spongebob’s House
Squidward’s House
Sandy’s Treedome

This map includes some intense parkour, but nothing is too difficult where you cant complete it. The best perks are behind a bit of parkour, i wont tell you which because you wouldnt like it. Falling into the pit makes you go down, so be super careful! Ill possibly be balancing this if it is too difficult for some, but its a nice challenge required to progress in the map. The 2 areas that are accessed through the toll booth in the goober basement are full map exports, clipped and slightly modified for playability from the game SB:BFBB. To use the Taxi stands, you must buy the 5,000 toll booth in the goober area then you may teleport with them. 


Ok, so this is going to be extremely difficult as the map has been dead / in development for 2 or so years, so please please please tell me if you helped me in any way. Ill list everything i know, but i know for sure im going to miss a dozen of you

Radimax- Clippings Jellyfish fields
Harry- Perks, shield, tons of help
Tom- Tools
Natesmithzombie- Bo2 Weapons
Robert *forgets ZM name but knows skype name*  – Logo of loading screen
BWC – somthing he was pretty involved at some point
BluntStuffy – Zombie and player teleporters, made the whole alternate areas possible

Please i cant stress enough PM me if you helped me in any way so i can properly credit you

Thanks for taking a look, if you have any suggestions or find any bugs report them to me via PM, ill be doing a v1.1 overhaul in about 3 or 4 weeks fixing everything i can find and or whatever people report. Sorry for the long wait on the map and i hope it lives up to its name. 

Small side note, i love watching peoples videos so if you make a youtube video post it in the comments  ;D



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