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Created by Logical Edits

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Europa, also known as Jupiter 2, is the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter. This frozen wasteland bares home to the “Jupiter 2 Research Facility” and the Europa Pyramid Device. They thought the facility was lost forever, they thought wrong.

Mapping: Logical Edits

Scripting: Logical Edits / Vertesea (Quest Help) / Symbo (Moon Features) / Marksman147 (Help) / Sphynx (Various Scripts) / Redspace (Jump Pads) / raptroes (Various Scripts/Scripting Help) / IceGrenade

LUA: Logical Edits / JariK (Reference) / Kingslayer Kyle (HUD Help) / robit (HUD Help/Various LUA Scripts)

Audio: Logical Edits / Vertesea (Providing Sounds & Templates)

Other: Noellie (Voice Actor & LOML) / Skye (Weapons) / Scobalula (Greyhound/CoDImageUtil/HydraX) / Madgaz (Assets) / GCP (Weapons) / Lethal Peelz (HD Electric Cherry Model & FX) / Ronan (Perk Shaders) / Erthrock (Zombie Models) / HarryBo21 (Perks/Mystery Boxes/PaP)/ Blak (Vigor Rush) / Jesus (Alpha Omega Models) / Funkey Munkey (Boss A.I.) / Avenged Sevenfold (EE Song)

Testers: Hybs / robit / Booris / Verk0 / Tessa / Skalv / Xela / Vertesea / Kayak / Dobby / raptroes / Play2Rough / Deets / RllyyTwitchyy / iEpicJames

If I’m missing anyone please contact me and I will make changes as credit is due to where its due.

Special Thank You: Spuddley / MrDalekJD

Thanks for playing my map! Please leave comments / thoughts / bugs / suggestions down below in the comments. I’ll be reading each and every one. Hope you all enjoy!

Total time to Create: 9 Weeks / 2 Months


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