1938: Full Circle

1938: Full Circle
By: AlfaTheseus

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1938: Full Circle

It is recommended that this map is played with the graphical setting Volumetric Lighting enabled. Without this setting enabled, certain features will not function as intended and areas of the level will not look as they do in the provided Screenshots/Videos. Thanks!

“1938” is a complete Remake of the map which started it all, “THE TOWN” from 2016. Set in the outskirts of a familiar vacant river-town, “1938” is a prequel to all of the other maps in “THE 1938 COLLECTION” (The Damned of the MoorThe Last UnityThe Damned of the Moor 2) and is the beginning of their shared storyline.

The map features large open areas ideal for training into the high-rounds, and tighter choke-points with the potential to catch players off-guard. “1938” shares its layout with the original (THE TOWN) with some minor differences to sizes and placing of some areas – with wall-buys, buyable debris, and perks mostly in their regular places.

I’ve created this map entirely within the ongoing UK Covid-19 Lockdown in order to keep myself busy, so despite it being made in only 2-3 months (previous maps take around 12) I believe that “1938” is as enjoyable and polished as any other of my previous releases – but with such a short project there is likely to be some bugs/balancing that needs addressing, so please make sure to make me aware of any concerns in the comments/discussions :^)

General Features and Overview:

-Small EE Quest with Reward and Optional Ending (Feel free to post your guides in the discussions)
-Medium/Large Sized Map
-Twists on familiar features
-Entirely CoD WW2 Weapons (Other than Wonder Weapons)
-Mixture of environments to suit different play styles
-Ray Gun buff from previous maps (Double-PaP)
-Multiple Buildables
-Obtainable Perk Slots


to those who have Provided Assets and gave me Assistance/Support (Let me know if I missed anybody)

-Treyarch & Activision
-Fil the Veteran
-UGO aka Wakka
-Mike Pence
-Frost Iceforge



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