Iron Ratchet’s House

Iron Ratchet's House
By: Iron Ratchett

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During the year 2020, where the world is facing the outrageous COVID-19 virus and doing there very best with handling health protocols and safety. Trapped in the city of Toronto, CA in a large borough where a purple portal suddenly appears and you walk into this mysterious household.
Welcome to Iron Ratchet’s house, where you can camp around the front and backyard. Survive the massive outbreak of the infected. Explore the inside of this modern styled house and unlock its secrets within. Do you have the ferocity of surviving the hoard?


– 13 Perks
– Secret Easter Eggs
– Custom PAP sting sound
– Custom Textures on Weapons
– Modern furniture model ports
– Night Time SkyBox
– Custom round music for zombies and dogs
– Custom font
– Custom intro description at the start of the game
– IW, BO2, B04 and more custom weapon ports
– Custom melee weapons
– Custom Zombie and Dog textures

***Special Credits***

Treyarch: On all of the original powerups and zombie models and dogs, perk models, zombie sounds, etc.

Iron Ratchet (me): For uploading my own custom textures for most weapons excluding the weapon modeling and scripting! EXCLUSIVE “SAKE BOMB” SFX by me with Audacity editing. Voiced by my friend Reece Patterson! BIG SHOUTOUT TO YOU DUDE!!! Also the preview image screen/mission briefing.
Custom MAX AMMO sound by my Dad, awesome job pops, love ya!

Modders from Youtube/Discord and from ModMe website for BO3 Zombie mods:
IceGrenade: For the custom shaders and premade scripting. Water textures for the purple water background at the starting zone. The “Zoning like Treyarch” tutorial method I have used on my map for zones. Also, the custom font scripting method
(even though I have added my own commercial-free custom font to download) LOVE YOUR WORK AND TUTORIALS, BRO! Custom trigger sound scripting method, in addition, I’ve used for my map.

Uptownpapi25: The 3 trigger shootable easter egg and premade scripting. Key Card easter egg tutorial (it was quite an interesting mod and big shout out for the major concept!) Also the custom method tutorial on both the loading and preview mission briefing image screen.
Sliding door scripting method in addition I’ve taken inspiration and put use in my map.

TheSkyeLord: His weapons ports and scripting of IW, BO2, BO4, and MW: R (one pistol – Beretta M9) SHOUT OUT FOR THE AMAZING WEAPON MODLE EXPORTS! 😀

Vasagle: His melee weapon ports and scripting (added all of the melee weapons to the box) SHOUT OUT FOR THE MELEE WEAPONS! 😀

NSZ or Nate Smith Zombies: The custom powerups and shaders for Thunderstruck, Zombie Blood and Money, Fire Sale, Time Wrap. Amazing work for the premade scripting and modeling.

harrybo21 / WARDOGSK93: The sound fixes on perk jingle, sting, PAP machine, etc. WARDOGSK93 for the additional perks: WHO’S WHO, PHD, VULTURAID, TOMBSTONE, PERK-A-COLA OR WUNDERFUZZ.

Donovanne: For the one and only “Fire Sale” custom announcer voice and premade scripting for the voice edit.

JBird632: His YouTube tutorials on scripting doors and debris method, SSI, and Lighting method I’ve taken inspiration from.

Sylvance: Weapon selection scripting method at the beginning of the game (I’ve only replaced starting weapons for part of the scripting).

CraftDAnimations: Tutorials on adding text description at the beginning of the map load.

QuentinFTL: For the tutorials on the custom loading screen method.


Blinding Lights – The Weeknd: Short round music for zombies
Ryuko Pegasasu (close friend, collaborator and music producer): “ARE YOU READY?” for part lyrics on DOG ROUND start, custom PAP upgrade sting from “BRAIN POWER” from Galaxian Recordings, Ryuko Pegasau.
Custom powerup sounds by Ryuko Pegasasu for the following power-ups; Death Machine, 2x points, Insta-Kill, Carpenter, Fire Sale music (Brain Power).
Easter Egg music 1: ???
Easter Egg music 2 (3 triggers shootable method):


Vocals: 0P2C
Lyrics: Ryuko Pegasasu
Guitar: Electric Ian
Arrangement / Music Production: Ryuko Pegasasu
SFX / Sampling: Iron Ratchet
Mastering: ??
Circle: Takanashi Koubou (????)

Applications I’ve used for scripting and model porting:

– Auto Desk Maya (model porting)
– Wraith (xmodel converter)
– Sublime Text Editor (for the scripting)
– Audacity (for rendering music and sound editing)
– WinRAR (for extracting zombie mod package files online via MEGA, Google Drive, etc. various types of sources.)

Lastly, THANK YOU TO ALL FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL HARD WORK! From the scripting side and modding and other assets to associate work on! Respected by the original mod owners.
As kindly, please respect that it’s my first time modding and learning about scripting for creating my own custom zombies map on the COD BO3 Mod Tools application. The majority of this project was to help promote my brand Iron Ratchet exposure and expand my community/ fan base! Advance apologies if I have missed credited anyone else for individual mod work I’ve used from download link sources as well.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @Iron_Ratchet
Join my Discord Server:



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