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Four soldiers find themselves trapped in an eternal struggle in an remote town. With no apparent exit, they decide to turn on the mysterious voice that’s been guiding them…

– Full easter egg playable with any amount of players
– Custom wonder weapons, grenades, enemy, announcer, hud and more
– PHD is back with unique effects!
– Lots of hidden things to find!
– Easter egg rewards!

If you liked my work, please, consider donating here:

Kingslayer Kyle – HUD, Gauntlet Assets, Karambit
HarryBo21 – Gauntlet assets
Booris – Map Trailer
StevieWonder87 – Teslagun FX
Dark7x – Pack-a-punch Camo
Zeroy – Dog models
MikeyRay – Custom lens flare
Sphynx – Vine shield
eMoX MaNgA – Eye fx help
Scobalula – For his useful tools used by the entire community and the custom characters

Songs used:
The Chaos Agent – Breaking The Silence
Jacob Lizotte – FIRST STRIKE

Testers: Glitch, Sphynx, Dmac, Madgaz, MikeyRay

Thanks to anyone who played and gave feedback before the release!



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